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Our mission: In future, many more team members/employees should participate in the success of a plant, product or project.

Our role model is the founding of United Artists in 1919 by Charlie Chaplin, for example, who campaigned for creative freedom and fair revenue sharing. We want to expand this spirit and bring it into the 21st century with modern technical possibilities.

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Don Schubert


Don Schubert

The law graduate and award-winning author first helped to set up various radio stations before going into film (including: »Die Deutschen«, »Blind Ermittelt«, »Rudi Assauer. Maker. Man. Legend.«) and finally succumbed to the fascination of the IT industry.

Matthias Nehls

»White hat« hacker with the goal of making the internet more secure. IT entrepreneur and inventor of the congenial cybersecurity software cyberscan.io®.

Ralf M. Mendle

Whether cinema or television films, Ralf M. Mendle has enjoyed an excellent reputation as Director of Photography (DoP), team player and artist across all industries and trades for over 25 years.

Oliver Koch

Matte painter and art director of the international extra class with the aim of combining the good with the beautiful.